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Zhejiang Starco Lighting Co., Ltd.

Provides LED lighting retrofit solutions for commercial and industrial projects

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  • Phone: +86 571-87139701
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    No. 8 Geshan Rd., Baiyun, Dongyang, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Starco Lighting manufactures T8 LED tubes, LED high bay lights, LED troffers, LED linear fixtures, and emergency lighting inverters for commercial and industrial lighting projects. The company designs and develops on demand end-to-end solutions that are guaranteed to fulfill its customers' requirement on energy savings, light quality and product life. With a superior line-up of performance engineered LED lighting products, superior customer service and uncompromising product warranty, Starco Lighting has made the choice easy for customers wanting economically sensible lighting solutions that incorporate cutting edge technology and dependable performance.

Starco Lighting is professionally operated to high standards through ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registered procedures. Inside its 20,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Dongyang, Zhejiang, a team of fully trained workers and experienced engineers takes quality and customer satisfaction to heart in every step of the process. The company's extensive in-house capabilities can quickly take a design to volume production and flexible cater to different project requirement. By combining innovative technology with practical engineering solutions, Starco Lighting provides a value-driven, contractor-friendly product offering that's inventively designed, rigorously engineered and cost-efficiently manufactured.

Starco Lighting is committed to leading the transformation of commercial and industrial facilities in the North American market with state-of-the-art LED retrofit lighting solutions. The energy efficient lighting systems developed by Starco Lighting support simple and seamless installation into facility infrastructures and enable future-proofing, application-proofing and controls integration. Starco Lighting delivers value through an end-to-end process that starts from on-site lighting audits, project designs, and rebate administration to installation coordination. The company's UL listed, DLC qualified LED tubes and high bays offer a 8-year limited warranty which far surpasses industry standards.
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